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Having the right humidity in your South Carolina or western NC home or business is critical for multiple reasons. It will ensure that you are comfortable, help you save energy and maintain indoor air quality. Waldrop understands the necessity of the proper humidity control and knows exactly what to do to ensure it.

Knowing the right level of humidity that is necessary for your home or business is very important. There are several factors that help determine this. The climate of where you live is the biggest factor. The construction of your structure is another. While there is nothing you can do about the climate, there is much that can be done with your home or office to ensure optimal humidity.

If you live in a more northern climate where average temperatures are below 20°F, it is important to maintain indoor humidity relative to outdoor humidity. If average temperatures where you live are above 20°F, you should maintain indoor humidity around 35% to 45%.

When it comes to maintaining that humidity level, your home or business will need help. Without it, humidity can rise and cause damage. If the levels of humidity in your home are above 60%, mold and mildew will result from the excess moisture. You may even get water damage.

However, a good mechanical ventilation system will aid in preventing such issues. Even if you take preventative measures, like solid, tight windows and doors and the right vapor barriers, you will still need an effective mechanical system.

Most of your excess indoor moisture is generated in the kitchen or bathroom, thus it is essential to have good mechanical ventilation in these areas of the home. This includes exhaust fans, stove hood fans and bathroom ventilation fans. By having quality systems that are regularly used, you will prevent mold growth that can show up in bathrooms, kitchens, ceilings and even inside closets. Such systems will also keep you from being plagued with foggy windows due to excess moisture.

Waldrop Provides Humidity Control Solutions Customized to You

Humidity control solutions are not the same for every home or business and the professionals at Waldrop recognize that. They uncover the source of your humidity issues and address them accurately.

A properly maintained, efficient air conditioner can transform your home from a sauna to blissful comfort during the dog days of summer. It will even keep the musty smell of a damp home at bay.

A dehumidifier will be your best defense against humidity when the weather is cooler or in a crawl space or basement. Allergies and asthma can be kept in check when your home is at its optimal humidity level. When humidity is over 50%, dust mites, mildew and mold thrive. It can even affect books, wood furniture, clothing and other items in your home or business. High humidity can also affect your structure and cost you tens of thousands in damage. Drywall and wood rot when they are exposed to mold. A dehumidifier can halt the growth of damaging mold and mildew.

Regardless of the age of your home, humidity can be an issue. Waldrop can help you make sure your home is properly ventilated and sealed. Even new homes should be checked because the construction materials used today in new homes are much more susceptible to mold than traditional construction materials like wood and plaster.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff members will help you find the right dehumidifier or air conditioning system to make sure the humidity control in your home or business is ideal. We take pride in offering customized solutions that exceed your expectations.

Contact us today at 864-578-7130 or 864-272-3201 to get everything you need to maintain perfect humidity control in your home of business!

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