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Dual Fuel—Hybrid Systems

Providing Economical Solutions for Heating and Cooling with Dual Fuel Systems

Dual fuel systems are also called hybrid systems. These units are actually two separate systems combined. Waldrop offers dual fuel systems to meet the needs of customers who want the option of having a gas furnace and an electric heat pump in a convenient hybrid system.

Homes and businesses located in South Carolina and western NC can benefit from Waldrop’s dual fuel systems, especially if they experience temperatures that generally stay above freezing for most of the year.

Heat pumps will heat your home or business efficiently during milder weather. During times when temperatures drop below freezing the heat pump turns off and the gas furnace takes over, providing your business or home with an economical solution designed to keep you warm during cold weather.

Dual Fuel Systems Provide the Best of Two Systems

Heat pumps and gas furnaces have their pros and cons. Dual fuel systems can provide you with the best of both systems in one convenient package. Dual fuel heat pump systems are more expensive than conventional HVAC systems, but the savings these systems offer on total heating costs make it well worth any initial expenses involved.

At Waldrop Inc., we proudly carry Lennox and Trane HVAC products. Lennox and Trane offer quiet running air and heating systems with excellent humidity control. All their systems meet Energy Star requirements and come with a 10-year warranty. They also offer several models to choose from that are highly durable and cost effective.

We are pleased to offer our customers in South Carolina and western North Carolina the option to purchase dual fuel systems. We enjoy seeing our customers benefit from the tremendous savings that these hybrid systems have to offer. Waldrop’s commitment to customer satisfaction is much more than lip service. Our professional team has earned a reputation for our proven track record of high quality work, timely delivery and the best HVAC systems and installation available.

One appointment or call in to Waldrop’s friendly staff, and you’ll see for yourself that we are continually striving to meet or exceed the expectations of our valued customers. To learn more about our hybrid system offerings, please contact us today by calling 864-578-7130 or 864-272-3201.