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Posted On: 12/17/2014

Which home generators will do the most for your family?

Home generators use a number of features to conveniently, securely provide your family with power when utility grids go down. The best model for your family really depends on the appliances and equipment you need to run around the clock.

Consider the following before making your purchase:

Do you have a home security system?

Many home security systems are wired into a property's breaker box, rendering them useless if you rely on a portable generator for backup power. Your family will already be vulnerable if the power goes out. Ensure their safety - and the security of your possessions - by keeping your door and window alarms, security cameras, and property lights active during an outage.

Do you store a lot of food?

Saving-savvy homeowners are known for making freezer meals last for weeks at a time and for storing meats and baked goods for months on end. If you keep a large stash of food on hand, consider how much you'll save by setting up a generator to preserve your food in the case of a power outage.

Are you living with someone very young, very old, or suffering from a chronic illness?

Adequate heating and cooling may be necessary to keep the people in your family healthy. According to the Mayo Clinic, for someone whose health is compromised, hypothermia can set in when the temperature drops even into the 60s. Make sure you can maintain safe temperatures by installing a home generator to keep your HVAC operational.

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