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Residential Solar Thermal

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Residential Solar

Residential solar thermal energy is an extremely efficient form of solar energy. Essentially, the heat from the sun is collected in order to provide energy for different uses. Typically solar thermal systems are used in order to heat water in the home for home heating, cooling and other purposes.

If you are hesitating about choosing a residential solar thermal energy system for your home, don’t. Apart from reducing your carbon footprint and going green, there are many advantages to solar energy. Your household energy costs will drop significantly, and you will be lessening your carbon footprint on the earth. When you opt for a totally renewable resource as your energy source, you are helping make the earth a cleaner place.

Even the government is encouraging home owners to choose solar energy. Tax incentives, loan programs, tax credits and other incentives from both the federal and state governments have made solar energy system installation more affordable than ever. Long term your residential solar thermal system pays for itself in a matter of 4 to 9 years of use.

Waldrop is the South Carolina & NC Leader in Residential Solar Thermal Systems

Considering a switch to a residential solar thermal system is a big decision. However, working with experienced professionals who know the technology and are familiar with the climate factors that must be considered will make the process much easier. The team at Waldrop prides itself on specializing in a variety of solar energy solutions. Not just any HVAC company will do when it comes to solar energy, but you can depend on Waldrop.

Our commitment to the ultimate in customer service shows through in the amazing number of repeat customers we have. We are the solar energy and HVAC specialists in South Carolina, and we strive to always “deliver the difference.”

Reduce your utility costs and be environmentally friendly with a residential solar thermal energy system. To learn more, call Waldrop Inc. today at 1.800.992.5024.