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Solar: How it works

Solar Energy For Environmentally Friendly Energy Savings

Solar Energy Savings

Solar energy is simply harnessing the energy of the sun in order to run systems within homes or buildings. Solar energy will help you slash your cooling and heating costs and transform your home into a green one.

The choice of whether or not to opt for solar energy is easier than ever. The U.S. federal government, the state of South Carolina and western North Carolina and even some local municipalities have put tax credits, incentives, rebates, discounts and loan programs in place to encourage homeowners to choose solar energy. In fact most systems pay for themselves within five years.

Environmental choices like using solar energy to run your home are not only good for the earth, but good for you too. Solar energy is free, reliable and clean. It does not contribute to global warming and is completely renewable. For the homeowner, utility costs will plummet with the use of solar energy and your home’s value will rise.

Waldrop Professionals Have Solar Energy Know-How

It’s a fact that not every HVAC company out there knows what they doing when it comes to solar energy. At Waldrop we have the specialized know-how to equip your home with solar energy systems. We can help you choose the perfect system that is ideal for the SC and western NC climate and install it the right way. We are proud to have LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, accredited professionals as a part of our staff.

We constantly strive to stay on top of the latest in HVAC technology and green initiatives. By doing so, we can offer our customers the very best solutions for a green building. We remain at the forefront of solar energy systems, so that we can provide you with the best service possible for your home energy needs.

Choose to be kind to the environment by choosing solar. To learn more about how you can use solar energy for the comfort systems in your home or business, contact Waldrop Inc. at 864-578-7130 or 864-272-3201 today.