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Waldrop Advantage

Imagine what it would feel like to step through your front door and have your home feel just the way you want it to, every single day. No sweaters in the winter. No heavy air in the summer. No sneezing in the spring. Just your environment, your way, without tradeoffs or compromises.

With Waldrop Advantage, that’s exactly what you can get. Offered exclusively by Waldrop, the Waldrop Advantage represents the highest commitment to precision, control, energy efficiency and air quality. And to your complete satisfaction.

A system that delivers everything you want, just how you want it.
The Waldrop Advantage is about control. It’s about creating your environment, your way. So Waldrop will make sure you have the exact features you want in your system, that match your exact needs. Every piece of Waldrop Advantage equipment has the ability to connect to the other equipment in the system. So they all work together to deliver temperature, humidity and air quality precisely how you want them, while helping to preserve energy efficiency every day of the year.

Energy efficiency in your control.
With a Waldrop Advantage system, energy savings are under your control just as much as your environment. Many Waldrop Advantage air conditioners and heat pumps feature variable-capacity operation, allowing them to precisely match energy use with heating and cooling demand. Features like Maximum Heat Transfer Technology and EHX™ heat exchangers work together to deliver better performance while reducing energy waste. So you get extreme precision in your temperatures, and can maintain your ideal environment without creating higher utility costs.